Experts for infusions

The preparation of mixed infusions is a challenging task for the operator. Defined volumes of solutions need to be prepared under aseptic conditions. For this application we are offering compounders and an extensive programme of disposable articles.

Here you will find a great variety of medical aids like spikes, compounding systems and EVA empty bags in the sizes from 100 ml to 5000 ml. As an alternative the bags are also available in a light-fast version.


MediMix Vigo®


Ideal for drugs reconstitution, IV transfer & mixing, plus filling of bags, syringes, elastomeric devices, and oral syringes.

Aimed to reduce pharmacy technician’s workload.
Allows full traceability to the pharmacist, uses barcode technology to read formulations and verify the right ingredient is used and can be integrated with a scale for an automatic weight control reading.

With its very small footprint, offers solution for any size laminar flow cabinets or isolators.